2023 Counselors

PSJP Counselors help provide high-quality, dynamic, personalized support to participants during the summer and academic year. During the summer, journalists and alumni of all ages stay on campus and spend the days with students. In addition to logistical support, they facilitate workshops and discussion groups, guide students through their reporting assignments, give advice about the college admissions process and generally participate in programming alongside the students every day. During the academic year, counselors serve as college advisors through every aspect of the college admissions process.

Please note that some counselors join the program for the summer, only, and do not advise students through the admissions process. Some serve only as college counselors during the academic year, but do not stay on campus as "camp" counselors during the summer. Many do both!

Jude Barrera

Jude is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College and a PSJP 2019 alum.

Christopher Beam

Chris is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Meg Craig

Meg is a magazine writer and editor who teaches in Syracuse, NY.

Catherine Dunn

Catherine is a business reporter from Virginia.

Danielle Emerson

Danielle is a publishing intern living in Connecticut and a 2017 SJP alumna.

Megan Greenwell

Megan is a journalist living in New York, NY.

Maria Guardado

Maria is a sports journalist living in the Bay Area, California and a PSJP alum of 2009.

Richard Just
Executive Director

Richard is the former editor of The Washington Post Magazine and is the co-founder and executive director of PSJP.

Stanley Kay
Stanley is a news director living in Brooklyn, NY.
Caroline Lippman

Caroline is an associate at a growth equity firm in New York City.

Charley Locke

Charley is a journalist living in Portland, Oregon.

Auhjanae McGee

Auhjanae is a graduate of Princeton University living in New Jersey and a PSJP alum of 2018.

Michael J. Mishak
Mike is a senior editor living in New York, NY.
Rebecca Nelson Kay

Rebecca is a senior writer based in Chicago, IL.

Angela Nguyen

Angela is a rising senior at Georgetown University and a 2019 PSJP alum.

Ashley Powers
Ashley is a writer who lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Danielle Quezada

Dani is a youth program leader from Southern California and 2017 PSJP alum.

Alex Richards

Alex is an assistant professor of journalism at Syracuse University's Newhouse School.

Mirna Rodriguez

Mirna is a law student at Texas A&M and a 2016 PSJP alum.

Brian Rokus

Brian is a CNN supervising producer living in Washington, D.C.

Allison Scharmann

Allison is a marketing and publicity coordinator living near Boston and a 2016 PSJP alum.

Tiffany Stanley
Tiffany is a writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.
Madison Stewart

Madison is the coordinator and communications associate for the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity at Princeton University. 

Tieisha M. Tift

Tieisha is a program manager based in Central Jersey.

Xuan Truong

Xuan is a master student of Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany and a PSJP alum of 2016.

Kendall Williams

Ken is an analyst living in Alabama and a 2018 PSJP alum.

Michael Williams

Michael is a college success professional living in New York and a PSJP alum of 2016.