Investigative Reports

Printed newspapers
School Sports Put Students at COVID Risk
Aug. 14, 2020
Written by By Kayla Bey, Jariel Christopher, Melanie Paredes, and Daniel Sanchez
Area Stores Stock Expired Food, Drugs
Aug. 12, 2019
Written by By Emily Barrera Cedeno, Jasmyn Bednar, Justin Fajar, and Angela Nguyen
Expired drugs found in stores
Aug. 13, 2018
Written by By Fernando Cienfuegos, Jayda Jones, and Evelyn Moradian
Inside NYC’s Subway Crisis
Aug. 14, 2017
Written by Princeton Summer Journal Staff
NYC drivers violate anti-idling law
Aug. 15, 2016
Written by By Aracely Chavez, Taylor Fetty, Breonna Reese, Sarah Santiago and Michael Williams
Facts of Gaza conflict elude many in New York
Aug. 11, 2014
Written by By Angela Kim, Amna Nawaz, Nicholas Santiago and Hasani Valdez
New Plan B rules cause confusion for NYC pharmacists
Aug. 12, 2013
Written by By Erick Arzate, Shemaiah Clarke, Miguel Diaz and Hunter Richards
When a hospital exits a low-income neighborhood, what happens to local residents?
Aug. 15, 2012
Written by Lorena Aviles, Delia Beristain, Stephanie Frescas and Angela Kim
Expired medicine sold in New York City stores
Aug. 8, 2011
Written by Katherine Arellano, Anhar Farag and Jimmy Tang
Idling cars, buses damage environment, violate law
Aug. 9, 2010
Written by Elizabeth Gonzalez, Maria V. Paredes, Franklin Lee and Alfonso Toro Jr.
Health care headache
Aug. 10, 2009
Written by Reem Abdou, Leslie Gallardo, Sandy Jean-Louis, Melissa Sanchez, Asmaa Rimawi
Expired medicine, baby food on Trenton store shelves
Aug. 4, 2008
Written by Jasmine Gray and Mariya Ilyas
Does NYC Transit leave disabled riders in the lurch?
Aug. 6, 2007
Written by Arielle Concilio, Oriana McGee and Jordie Ricigliano